Wesley Mission provides community services, particularly for people impacted by gambling harm and domestic violence, in collaboration with government-funded programs such as GambleAware and Escaping Violence Payment (EVP).

To provide easy access to support services and ensure adequate staffing and resources, Wesley Mission partnered with Barhead Solutions to enhance the functionality of its Dynamics 365 customer relationship management software (CRM).

Problem: Gambling and domestic violence are complex issues that require continuous counselling and immediate support, which need to remain easily accessible.

Solution: Barhead enhanced the functionality of Wesley Mission’s customised Dynamics 365 CRM and implemented applications for its Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) and GambleAware programs.

Outcome: With its customised Dynamics 365 CRM, Wesley Mission is now able to better manage inbound requests to call centres, as well as for case management, and the release of emergency cash assistance.

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