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Consensus is a new offering that will bring together deep experience across legal, technology and business backgrounds. Backed by legal professionals and Microsoft experts, we have the knowledge and passion to create a unified digital contracting experience.

About Consensus

Consensus is an end-to-end contract and matter management platform for legal, procurement and contracting teams brought to life by Microsoft. Consensus leverages your existing investment into Microsoft and connects all your documents and data into a central repository for holistic, streamlined, and automated contract and matter management Consensus includes business portals for self-service accesscontract automation and BI reporting, workflow automation with legal guardrails for approvals and e-signature, and integration with Office applications and Microsoft data for a truly connectedcentralised and familiar experience. 

  • Increase legal and contracting efficiencies through integrated data, reducing manual tasks, utilization, reporting, and AI based analytics.
  • Reduce risk through automated contract and obligation management, Microsoft data security, and key person risk mitigation.
  • Improve employee experience through mobility, seamless onboarding, and integration with Microsoft applications.
  • Provide native Microsoft integration and seamless connectors enabling users to initiate processes, trigger actions and save data straight from Office applications.

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