Independent software vendors (ISV) are key to innovating the software industry. International Data Corporation (IDC), an American market research and analysis firm, says that ISVs are crucial for solution providers and important in channel partners’ cloud future. Independent Software Vendors drive the industry to greater heights. They answer particular business needs, engineer new processes and give birth to new service industries.

Barhead backs ISVs by providing them with the necessary technology and capabilitiesĀ to helpĀ them achieve goals and business objectives.

With Barhead’s ISV partnerships, we can provide unique service capabilities to fulfill business requirements and more.


Internet of Things is the future. It allows disparate devices to connect and talk to each other and share information. With IoT applications and enabled devices, you can talk to your air conditioning system to turn on at a specific time. Or you can instruct your lighting system to turn off at specific periods of the day to save electricity. And it can do more. Businesses take advantage of IoT by getting information from their customers whenever they use an application. They can use the gathered information from these devices so they can provide better service, customize, hypertargeted promotions and more.

Barhead has been taking advantage of the IoT for years. We have Reekoh, our IoT platform and developer marketplace to provide customers with lean and powerful backend systems to their IoT applications and products.


The Chatbot system is becoming crucial in customer engagement and customer concern resolution.

Innovative Chatbot systems can carry natural conversations just like their human counterparts. They can readily provide information and answers for specific inquiries and concerns. Barhead is at the forefront of rolling out Chatbot systems, allowing companies to engage their respective customers, anytime and anywhere.