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Dynamics 365 Sales for NFP Enterprise – Free 5 seats and discounted pricing of USD 23.80 per user/month
and free 10 seats and discounted pricing of USD 2.50 per user/month for Power Apps plan. Eligibility and conditions apply.

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New Fundraising and Engagement Solution CRM for Not for Profits

Solve NFP’s biggest challenges with a powerful and comprehensive CRM

Get started with our Dynamics 365 grant (free for up to 5 users) and/or Power Apps grant (free for up to 10 users) with discounted pricing.

Relevant, Affordable and Innovative Cloud Solutions to help Not-for-Profits

Microsoft’s New Fundraising and Engagement helps not-for-profit (NFP) organisations grow and retain donor base through a more effective constituent and donor management. Drive efficiency with an all-in-one system that improves transaction management, fundraising management, real-time dashboards and donor loyalty. This solution is part of the wider Dynamics 365 environment, a robust CRM platform that helps businesses and organisations bring customer data together to deliver more beneficial outcomes.


Built with Mission CRM, Microsoft released this new solution to cater to the specific needs of the NFP industry. Empower NFP organisations by automating business processes and get an accurate picture of fundraising in real time.


Kickstart Fundraising and Engagement with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Grant

Eligible NFP organisations can get free licensing for up to 5 users, plus the following:

– Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (discounted pricing of USD 23.80 per user/month for additional users)
– Microsoft Power Apps (free licensing for up to 10 users)
– Microsoft Power Apps (discounted pricing of USD 2.50 per user/month for additional users)

Discover the future of the NFP sector 

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Empower your Fundraising Team

Embrace Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation to increase fundraising effectiveness and reduce costs through automation.

Donor Loyalty

Gain more donors and maintain positive relationships by leveraging a purpose-built platform.

Personalised Engagements

Better understand your donors and constituents by rolling-out fundraising programs with personalised engagements.

Focus on Impact

Digitalise gift management, event management and payment processing to focus on more impactful work.

See How Fundraising and Engagement CRM Works

Crash Course in Fundraising and Engagement

Solution Features

  • Gain holistic views with access to donation history and suggested next best actions through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

  • Track activities and access donor information through a user-friendly dashboard with timelines

  • Process payment, manage data and leverage business intelligence through Microsoft Azure and Power BI

  • Easily access data across applications and platforms with Microsoft’s Common Data Model for Not-for-profits

Customer Testimonials

It’s really important to make sure that you have the right people working with you – in the business, in IT and on the partner and vendor side. I had that with our Marketing and Fundraising team, with our IT team, with Barhead, with the local Microsoft and Fast Track teams. It’s not just a question of quantity, you need to ensure you have quality people with experience, skills and a determination to make a program succeed. 

Elvira Lodewick, General Manager, Marketing and Fundraising at Mission Australia

“After growing so much over the past ten years, what we were really looking for was partnership – someone who could deliver results now with one eye on the big picture. We also wanted to move forward quickly and efficiently. The stars aligned when we met Barhead.

Andrew Penfold, Executive Director, AIEF

Enrich your NFP journey with Barhead Solutions

Barhead Solutions’ advisory service for Fundraising and Engagement helps organisations maximise the solution by expanding and customising it to meet specific requirements. As one of the first partners in the world to be trained by Microsoft for Fundraising and Engagement, it is one of the most trusted partners to work with for this solution. Additionally, the consulting firm’s expertise in the not-for-profit sector has been proven through numerous successful projects and has been recognised through the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Social Impact. 

  • Included Activities 

    • Functional and integration workshops
    • Review and assessment of current fundraising programs
    • Data management
    • Collaborate with other Microsoft applications – Outlook and Teams
  • Typical Scenarios 

    • Transitioning from an on-premise environment to a cloud platform
    • Customer and donor journeys need to be enhanced and automated
    • Processes could improve with a highly extensible and scalable CRM
    • Current users of Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Salesforce or Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge
  • Business Outcomes  

    • Quickly create real-time fundraising campaigns while automating communication
    • Real-time view and monitoring of cash flow and donations
    • Adopt a high-level design with recommended business processes, solution architecture, integration and data migration plan
    • Learn best practices and maximise investments during a high-level implementation project plan

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Fundraising and Engagement fit into the Microsoft ecosystem?2020-11-13T04:42:43+00:00

The solution is built for Dynamics 365. For its core data structure, it utilises the Common Data Model (CDM) for Not-for-Profits. The CDM enables organisations to easily exchange data among solutions. For data transformation, merging and transaction processing, the solution uses a connected Azure tenant.  

How much is Fundraising and Engagement?2020-11-13T04:42:44+00:00

Fundraising and Engagement is free, and you can now get it from Microsoft AppSource. Since it’s an open-sourced solution, you can also get the source code from GitHub.  

What are the requirements for Fundraising and Engagement?2020-11-13T04:47:55+00:00

You must have at least one license for Dynamics 365 to use the solution. Since it’s a solution built for Dynamics 365, you must install it first before using it.   

What services can Fundraising and Engagement integrate with?2020-11-13T04:44:00+00:00

Fundraising and Engagement comes with a wide range of extensibility features out of the box, so it can also access your data in other services (Microsoft or not) such as Excel, Teams and Outlook. It can also integrate with third-party services to extend its capabilities.  

Are there any examples of how Fundraising and Engagement can help organisations?2020-11-13T04:54:45+00:00

For a clearer picture of how Fundraising and Engagement can help your organisation, you can watch this video featuring Right to PlayThe solution helped the organisation acquire new donors, build better fundraising programs and reach more children around the world who need their services.  

What else can you do with the solution?2020-11-13T05:00:37+00:00

Aside from its out of the box capabilities, you can also host virtual events, automate communications, quickly create real-time fundraising campaigns, access a real-time view of your cash flow and more.  

Why choose us?

  • Get best practice advice and learn to challenge the status quo for better business outcomes

  • Benefit from industry expertise and dedicated subject matter experts

  • Enjoy proven program management and technical ability to successfully deliver deployments

NFP Enablement Services

  • Service Delivery – Capture client enquiries such as initial assessments, case notes and funder reporting

  • Membership Management – Capture and review membership applications and renewals
  • Fundraising – Manage supporter relationship
  • Marketing and Event Management – Plan events and design journeys and segments for effective content targeting
  • Grant Management – Plan, create and manage projects and related activities such as time entries and expense claims
  • Volunteer Management – Promote and manage volunteering opportunities and applications

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