Other Industries​

Barhead takes an industry-first view when building solutions. Using Microsoft’s technology stack, we create solutions customised to meet needs unique to each industry.

Barhead optimises Microsoft business applications centred around repeatability and scalability — build once, use many to meet the growing needs and demands businesses. Barhead’s Centre of Excellence (COE) and IP underpin our vertical and horizontal capability, which allow helping customers across a wide range of industries.​

Public sector services

Public Sector​

Transforming the way public safety services are delivered.


Delivering the best possible experience through a unique combination of industry experience and technology solutions.​

Retail services


Empowering brands and companies to provide connected experiences for customers in a complex retail environment.​​

Energy Resources and Industrials​​

Reducing corporations’ environmental footprint and enhancing the sustainability of their operations.

Media and Telecommunications​

Helping brands and companies navigate an increasingly interconnected world where digital is the primary means of communication.​​

Higher Education

Enhancing student learning, driving innovation in research and helping institutions navigate a rapidly changing higher education landscape.


Drawing on decades of tech and industry expertise to help customers across different sectors solve a wide range of problems using solutions customised to their needs.​​

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