Power Platform

Streamline and automate business processes through a set of robust low-code solutions

Empower your organisation through a unified platform that automates processes, creates chatbots, develops business applications and provides actionable analytics.

Power Apps

Build web, iOS and Android apps in a matter of hours without writing a single code

  • Simplified app development – a low-code, low-effort method of digitising and automating processes

  • Flexibility and integration – Azure services significantly boost Power Platform’s capabilities, while apps can be embedded to various tools

  • Unified storage location – Microsoft Dataverse can be used to store all business data from multiple sources

Power Automate

Connect apps and services through powerful workflow automation with no coding needed

  • Automated workflows – capabilities range from simple administrative tasks to more complex ones such as setting reminders and data computing on Excel

  • Ready-to-use templates – enable the rapid design of enterprise-grade automation. Automation can also be made through the diagramming and vector graphics application Microsoft Visio

  • Seamless connections – integrate with other apps or services using out-of-the-box or add-on connectors. Connections can be made without the need to create custom .NET codes

Power BI

Create real-time dashboards that will show insights, analytics, and reporting that you need to grow your business

  • Real-time intelligence – convert data to immersive and interactive visualisations fuelled by AI

  • User-friendly approach – connects and discovers insights from an Excel Spreadsheet to a collection of hybrid data warehouses

  • Enterprise-grade capabilities – analyse root causes via decomposition trees, collaborate through the Q&A visualisation and more

Power Virtual Agents

Easily build powerful AI bots without the need for pro-developers or data scientists

  • Straight-forward interface – a graphical user-friendly interface provides a straightforward process of adding data

  • Versatile chatbots – intelligent chatbots guide users and help provide swift answers to customers. They can be embedded anywhere.

  • Data-driven monitoring – to monitor the chatbots’ performance, data-driven insights will be displayed on a single dashboard

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