Customer Experience

The heart of Customer Engagement is connecting customers with your products, services and brands that lead to a positive customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our consulting services team brings the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud through Microsoft Dynamics 365. With our goal to unify your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with other business applications that will accelerate your business.

Our Consultancy services, together with Dynamics 365 applications, will help businesses fast-track their digital transformation to meet changing customer needs today and increase business opportunities tomorrow.


Understand what your customer needs, engage effectively and win more deals.


Deliver more sales through great customer experiences and connected sales and marketing teams

Customer Service

Personalise service, fast track delivery and add value to every customer interaction.

Project Service Automation

Deliver profitable projects timely and within budget and increase employee profitability.

Field Service

Reduce operating expense and improve onsite experiences with built-in intelligence.

We solve problems

Barhead has a dedicated Customer Engagement practice focused on solving problems in the area of sales and service. The team is comprised of Microsoft Certified Sales and Service consultants playing the roles of Business Analysts, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants and Quality Analysts.

Barhead has seen Customer Engagement evolve over the last 20+ years across technology platforms and business models. The kind of engagement and level of engagement customers demand today is very different compared to the past. To address this constant change and keep your Sales and Service functions aligned to changing times, you need experts who can help you with best-of-breed solutions at a lower total cost of ownership.

Best Practices across Sales and Service functions

Barhead can help you implement not only best practices for technology but also provide industry and domain best practices gained and learned from different industries and domains.

Best of breed solutions

Barhead can help implement and build best-of-breed solutions that are fit for purpose within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Framework. This helps in achieving the best possible solution with a lower total cost of ownership.

Customer first belief

Barhead puts the customer first and believes in doing the right thing for the customer. Honesty and transparency are core to the Barhead consulting model, providing the same philosophy for your customers.

Defined design principles

Barhead works with customers and aligns the solutions to the agreed design principles. Examples of design principles are:

  • Configure over customise – as much as possible to leverage the platform configuration capability in solving the business problems before customising the system using custom code.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – are the preferred architectural approach for the solution components

  • Buy over build – If there are add-ons available which provide required functionality, they should be considered over custom built functionality.

  • Protect the Investment – In order to maximise the Return on Investment made, the solution should be scalable to cater for growth in the business, extensible to bring in new functions and features, reliable to ensure business continuity, and offer high interoperability to integrate with changing technology landscape.


Since Barhead operates within the entire Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and has dedicated practices for each of the areas (Field Services, Project Services and Marketing), it can collaborate easily and seamlessly with other areas.

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