RACT (Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania) implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and implemented by Barhead Solutions. With the new CRM, RACT will have a 360-degree view of the customer, helping them better understand member needs and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Problem: RACT was looking to deliver faster and more responsive services to members.

Solution: Over 12 months, Barhead’s Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) team worked with RACT to help future-proof RACT’s CRM platform.

Outcome: With its new CRM platform, RACT now has a more holistic view of its members and has improved security measures against potential cyber threats, enabling the organisation to deliver improved service from retail to roadside services. By implementing a platform built on Dynamics 365, the organisation is also better positioned to capitalise on new Microsoft functionality.

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