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Explore how a proof of concept (POC) for your own AI-powered digital analyst can help with account planning, data analysis and other high-value business tasks. Project Sophia (an AI-powered business research canvas) can generate account plans, create visualisations, and uncover insights from your business data — without the need for data mining or other manual processes.

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How we can help you get AI ready

Barhead offers AI readiness and technology consultancy services to assess your organisation’s data readiness. From strategies on leveraging AI to achieve business goals to AI governance frameworks on the responsible use of AI, our experts and consultants will guide you throughout your AI journey.

Business strategy

How AI supports your business goals

Technology and data strategy

Data and infrastructure to fuel and run AI solutions at scale

AI strategy and experience

AI expertise and repeatable processes to create sustainable value

Organisation and culture

Leadership vision, operating model, skills, resources, and culture

AI governance​

Processes, controls, and accountability structures to govern data privacy, security, and responsible use of AI

About Barhead ​

Barhead is an award-winning IT consulting firm specializing in CRM and leveraging the strategic value of Microsoft Business Applications through AI, Copilot, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Recognised as one of the top partners in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Winner in the Community Response and Social Impact Categories

Leader in Power Platform and Dynamics 365
Contender for Generative AI

What is Project Sophia?

Project Sophia is an AI-powered business research canvas where you can ask any business question across every business domain in your organisation.

It aims to help customers solve complex, cross-domain business problems with AI, by enabling them to interact with data in new ways and answer strategic questions that drive better outcomes.

Project Sophia offers an AI- powered, user-friendly research canvas and large language model powered blueprints. The research canvas helps create exploratory journeys and understand business data with AI-generated charts and insights without the need to manually mine data and create visuals. The app provides quick insights and recommends the next steps.

Start you AI journey with Barhead.

Start your AI journey with Barhead

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