Consensus For Purpose​

Efficient services and stronger data security with Microsoft AI-powered legal practice management​

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What is Consensus for Purpose?​

CFP is a legal practice solution, designed by a consortium of Women’s Legal Service Queensland, Environmental Defenders Office and Marrickville Legal Centre. The solution has been ‘built by the sector, for the sector’, being tailored to meet the unique needs of CLCs across Australia. It streamlines the entire client management process from initial enquiry, service creation, providing case management from matter inception to completion. Built using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the solution ensures smooth integration with Microsoft products, robust data security, and the ability to incorporate AI capabilities in its future roadmap.​

Application Features & Benefits

Friend Finder


Comprehensive functions encompassing enquiry, service, project, project service, and related business processes

Location listing


User-friendly interfaces with customisable configurations for each centre based on specific needs

Reservation Listing


High security with each centre managing its own data, supported by Microsoft’s security grid

Check-in Function


Reduced administrative burden for data recording and exporting, built on NLADS and CLCs Australia’s data ingestion template


Built on Microsoft Power Platform, CFP is a stable and highly secure solution that leverages AI and guarantees a safe environment for your organisation’s transactions. ​

Intake flow for streamlined customer interactions

  • The Intake Flow commences through a variety of entry points, initiating the initial interaction with the customer. This phase encompasses the generation of essential records (Service user – Contact/Organisation, Enquiry, and Service), punctuated by several assessment and eligibility checks in between.

Service flow for easier service management

  • Streamline your process from the creation of Services to Document Generation. Manage discrete and ongoing services through the Service Delivery functionalities, simplifying the opening, closing and maintenance of service files. Ensure security protocols are in place through the Information Barrier tool, ensuring utmost confidentiality of confidential data.​

Project and project service for efficient project handling ​​

  • Empower users with a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient project handling. Create Project records and organise project services, tailoring the system to your centre’s unique needs.

Review and approval to empower supervision and minimise risk​

  • Users can initiate the submission of various records, including Enquiry, Service, Project and Project Service records, for review by designated users or teams. Our intuitive interface allows users to select specific reviewers during the submission process, triggering in-app notifications and emails to inform approvers promptly.​

Conflict check process to minimise risk​

  • Robust, easy-to-use conflict check process, utilising full and partial matches on individual and organisation details.​

Built on a platform without limits​​

CFP is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.​

  • Connect to hundreds of data sources using a library of connectors and Dataverse — bringing your data together for a single source of truth​​

  • Leverage your existing financial and personnel investment in Microsoft to use and extend CFP​

  • Used by organisations big and small, the technology underpinning CFP is extremely robust, reliable and secure​​

Typical Scenarios​

  • Organisations managing diverse client records with privacy and confidentiality obligations, required to conduct eligibility checks across multiple service types

  • Organisations, servicing the community, that require project and service management, funding applications and acquittals and are required to maintain data accuracy and legislative compliance

  • Organisations providing legal services who require an efficient client intake process, with streamlined service management, approval and conflict check processes in place

Business Outcomes

  • Enhanced efficiency in managing the intake process, streamlined service delivery and improved confidentiality through the Information Barrier tool

  • Efficient handling of projects, simplified creation and management of project services, seamless review and approval processes, and customisable conflict check rules for personalised approaches

  • Efficient client onboarding and streamlined service management, as well as swift approvals for legal projects

Typical Scenarios
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