Barhead has dedicated practices for different sectors. By leveraging their industry expertise, each practice can build solutions tailored to each sector’s unique needs.

Our consultants and experts have worked with not-for-profit organisations, including YMCA Victoria, to deliver decisive and transformative solutions. In the early stages of the pandemic, Barhead worked with YMCA Victoria to develop a solution that could help it quickly process its employees’ JobKeeper applications.

Problem: YMCA Victoria needed a solution that can help employees who were stood down during the pandemic apply for JobKeeper subsidies within the Federal Government’s timelines.

Solution: Within 2 days, Barhead and YMCA Victoria built a Power Platform-based solution that streamlined the JobKeeper applications of employees who were recently stood down. The app provided employees with all the information they needed to apply for JobKeeper and allowed them to verify required details, apply their digital signatures and submit their application to the ATO.

Outcome: Using the custom app developed in collaboration with Barhead, YMCA Victoria was able to submit all its employees’ Jobkeeper applications within the Federal Government’s deadlines and ensure they received government support by April.

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