Consensus is a contract and matter management solution that leverages the best of Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft 365 to allow legal and procurement teams to manage contract and matter data more efficiently in one integrated solution.

To ensure an ideal experience for users, Barhead leveraged Microsoft’s ISV Connect program, which ensured the Consensus team had the technical and go-to-market (GTM) support they needed to ensure the solution’s success.

Problem: The Consensus team wanted to ensure an ideal user experience and that the solution had the features to meet customers’ needs.

Solution: Barhead joined the ISV Connect ISV program, working with Microsoft to ensure that Consensus is designed and packaged in a way that it is possible to install and get started with the application in as little as a day.

Outcome: Consensus, which can work out of the box with customers’ existing Microsoft infrastructures, helped a global utility technology company and its legal team improve efficiency and reduce compliance risk.

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