Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Online Giving & Payments​
4-week Implementation​

Expand donation opportunities with a hassle-free online giving and payment solution ​


Develop donor and supporter bases​

Get a comprehensive view of constituents, and increase donor loyalty and lifetime giving by understanding and addressing their priorities. ​

Drive fundraising efficiency​

Reduce costs by automating key business processes, such as donation, opportunity, campaign and event management.​

Get an overview of fundraising and financial outcomes​

Eliminate the need for complex fundraising and financial reconciliation through end-to-end donation, revenue and transaction management.​

Official Fundraising & Engagement Online Giving & Payments Implementation​​

Expand donation opportunities with a hassle-free online giving and payment solution that is:

  • Natively compatible with the Microsoft Not-for-Profit Fundraising & Engagement Solution
  • Easily embeddable in your existing donation page

With localised features incorporating industry best practices, Barhead’s online giving and payment solution enable organisations to:

  • Track individual donors’ journey through each campaign
  • Sync donor details, payment information, and giving schedules* seamlessly, without the need for manual data migration
  • Provide support for multiple leading payment providers, including Stripe, Westpac QuickStream, PayPal and SecureCo​

*Payment schedule sync is not applicable to all the payment providers

  • Gold Application Integration

  • Gold DevOps

  • Gold Data Analytics

  • Gold Data Platform

  • Gold Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Gold Project and Portfolio Management

  • Gold Application Development

  • Gold Cloud Platform

  • Gold Datacenter

  • Gold Cloud Productivity

  • Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

  • Gold Cloud Business Applications


Barhead worked with the End Street Sleeping Collaboration to deploy an app that helps ensure people street sleeping can access services, regardless of the provider they engaged with.

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Our NFP practice deployed a Dynamics 365 CRM within 5 months to help Mission Australia maximise the impact of donations and provide more support to the most vulnerable.

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Barhead, with input from the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF), built a solution to help ensure Indigenous students get the support they need to transition from school into their chosen fields.

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