Barhead has dedicated practices for different sectors. By leveraging their industry expertise, each practice can build solutions tailored to each sector’s unique needs.

Our consultants and experts have worked with not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, including the End Street Sleeping Collaboration (ESSC), to deliver decisive and transformative solutions. In collaboration with the ESSC, Barhead deployed the By-Name List (BNL) 2.0 application to combat rising homelessness in NSW.

Problem: The ESSC – a collective impact project of the NSW government – aims to reduce street sleeping by 50% across NSW by 2025.

Solution: Together, Barhead and the ESSC deployed the BNL 2.0 app that essentially acts as a service and coordination tool. The app centralises the details of individuals experiencing homelessness in a database that’s accessible to different NFPs, allowing the sector to mount a coordinated response to tackle homelessness.

Outcome: The BNL 2.0 app has recorded the stories of almost 1,600 people sleeping rough. If implemented in other states, BNL 2.0 can help the NFP sector coordinate efforts to address homelessness across Australia.

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