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We work with our clients to provide IT services anchored around the Microsoft Cloud stack and its ecosystem partners. Our functional expertise is on relationship management (CRM), field service, project service, and employee management. Our team has deep knowledge and experience working on enterprise level programs across many verticals and multi-vendor solutions. We work with our clients to first understand the business requirement, then establish the best implementation approach considering many factors, including your existing systems.

The Microsoft Cloud and our services encompass Dynamics 365, Power BI for reporting and analytics, Azure services for identity, machine learning, cognitive services, etc., Office 365 for employee collaboration, and its wide ranging ecosystem partners.

With our cross vertical experience, we understand the importance and fundamentals of designing, building and deploying vertical solutions. We deploy the most qualified consultants to address the vertical business and technology aspects.

Our team can help you plan, design and implement across B2B and B2C environments. We cover the broader scope of CRM (sales, marketing, service, social CRM, partner access), field service, project service, business analytics, and employee collaboration.

The Barhead delivery model extends to leveraging offshore resources based in our Philippines Global Delivery Center (GDC). We tailor the overall project team based on the specific client requirements and leverage offshore to strike the right commercial model.

By definition we are an IT Services firm / Microsoft Systems Integration, therefore our job is to help our clients create the most appropriate solution architecture, implementation approach, then execute. Our success is measured on the success of our client engagements. We are a boutique firm that operates in the enterprise segment. We pride ourselves on providing the right advice not try to be everything to everyone.

Barhead helps meet your business and IT objectives cost-effectively in a fraction of time by leveraging on the highly scalable and customizable services of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We build custom CRM applications that align to your specific requirements and processes while keeping in mind the future growth of your business.

Having delivered CRM solutions for more than a decade, the Barhead team knows the keys to success are innovation, speed to value, and on-going proactive support.

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Barhead leverages the best of advanced analytics to harness big data and take your business to the next level. We use advanced analytics through our Power BI tools to come up with solutions that address the unique challenges, objectives, and requirements of your organization and customers.

By consolidating enterprise data with external and big data, you can drive sales productivity through better internal and external connections and collaboration. We utilize marketing analytics to help you better understand your market. In turn, you can drive more effective strategies that’ll let you gain and maintain a competitive edge.

With access to real-time insights, rich dashboards, and interactive data visualization, you are empowered to make more informed business decisions fast.

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With Reekoh, our IoT platform and developer marketplace, Barhead can connect your business systems across different devices and appliances seamlessly. We build robust and scalable solutions for your business, from office automation to user tracking. Our dedicated IoT team is focused on creating and implementing solutions to maximize the advantages of IoT technology.

Barhead has the tools and experience to integrate your existing systems into a one comprehensive platform, opening up new possibilities for your business. We bring together business processes, technology, and the power of the Cloud to build new strategies, revenue streams, and automation services that will work with your current processes.

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Extend your sales, lead generation, customer service, support services through Chatbots.

We can help build Chatbot solutions for your business, making it available across different channels and even integrating it with your current systems. We create a chatbot that suits the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re running a small business or an enterprise, we have a suite of tools that can engage your audience in a quick, productive manner.

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Tell us about your challenges in managing and collaborating with your employees and we’ll provide you the right solutions.

Our employee management solutions let you maximise the efficiency and efficacy of your workforce. Our employee self-service solution saves time and cost of collecting and disseminating information across your organization.

We let you harness the manpower behind your human resources.

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