Barhead has dedicated practices for different sectors. By leveraging their industry expertise, each practice can build solutions tailored to each sector’s unique needs.

Our consultants and experts have worked with state government agencies, including the NSW Police, to deliver decisive and transformative solutions. Within 20 days, a 3-person consultant team from Barhead built an innovative solution for NSW Police to replace their aging Penn system.

Problem: NSW Police needed a new system to replace the Penn system that collects data about disaffected and at-risk youth in the state.

Solution: NSW Police and Barhead built the RISEUP app to streamline police and case workers’ engagement with young people and hopefully reduce the risk of them entering the criminal justice system. Using the RISEUP app, police officers can easily access needed information about at-risk youth to help connect them with workplace and education opportunities.

Outcome: The custom app, which was set for full deployment across NSW, strengthened the RISEUP program and assisted NSW Police in data collection and outreach efforts to lower the risk of disengaged youth entering the criminal system.

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