Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022 – Barhead Solutions finished another successful year on a high note, with a year-end party held at Loop Roof & Loop Top Bar in Melbourne’s CBD. Watch the highlights of the event in this video.


Among the guests who attended were valued customers, clients and friends from Microsoft — many of whom members of the Barhead team were not able to meet in-person until recently.

As guests mingled and caught up with peers and colleagues, they were treated to food, local wines and panoramic open-to-the-sky views provided by award-winning café and bar Loop Roof & Loop Top.

Welcoming guests, Barhead CEO Ken Struthers gave the opening remarks at the party. ‘It’s truly a pleasure to see the smiles on everyone’s faces tonight,’ said Struthers. ‘I want to personally thank all our valued customers and partners from Microsoft for their support. A massive thanks as well to the Barhead team for all their hard work — none of this would have been possible without the incredible work that you do.’

‘Hopefully, as Barhead continues to grow next year, we’ll get to do more face-to-face events,’ said Struthers. Raising his glass, he said, ‘Here’s to another successful year ahead!’


As the party went on, Loop Roof was filled with lively conversations between guests and their peers, with some trying out the photo booth to capture their light-hearted moments during the party.

To mark the end of the party and the year, all event photos were combined into this mosaic, symbolising the partnership that stretches from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane and even Manila, where our Global Delivery Centre is located.