The RACT (Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania) will deliver improved customer experiences and strengthen the protection of member’s data through the successful implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, built with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

RACT Chief Operations Officer, Stacey Pennicott said the significant digital milestone was a testament to the organisation’s commitment to elevating the overall member experience by better understanding member needs.

‘Since 2013, RACT has relied on Member Relationship Management (MRM) tools to connect with its members, but recognised the need for an upgrade, choosing CRM D365 as the cornerstone of its digital transformation,’ Ms Pennicott said.

RACT chose to work with Microsoft business solutions consultant Barhead to assist with the delivery of the project due to their expertise in the Microsoft suite of products and their partnering model that ensured a quality product delivery while working to tight timelines.

Barhead CEO Ken Struthers said, ‘The pace of innovation from Microsoft and their focus on customers have been truly outstanding, and we’re excited to help RACT leverage the latest Microsoft innovations on their digital transformation journey.’

FSI Account Director James Masella said Barhead’s partnership with RACT over the past 12 months had helped future proof RACT’s Customer Engagement Platform.

‘By leveraging the full extent and scalability of the Microsoft suite and enabling a 360-degree view of the customer, RACT can remain a reliable shoulder for Tasmanians to lean on in their time of need,’ Mr Masella said.

Barhead’s Financial Services Pod leveraged deep industry expertise and Microsoft product experience to work alongside a dedicated and talented project team at RACT to deliver great project outcomes.

‘RACT is now well positioned to capitalise on exciting functionality recently announced on Microsoft’s roadmap.’

Ms Pennicott said the project gave RACT a more holistic view of its members, enabling the organisation to deliver improved service from retail to roadside services.

‘The implementation of CRM D365 marks a crucial milestone in RACT’s journey towards aligning with its operating model, underscoring a commitment to a member-oriented approach and providing the products and services they need.’

Stacey Pennicott, RACT Chief Operations Officer

‘The strategic shift from product-focused to member-centric operations signifies a fundamental change in RACT’s approach.

‘Critically, the integration of improved security measures fortifies the platform against potential cyber threats.

‘Furthermore, the optimised and automated customer management processes promise efficiency gains, ensuring faster and more responsive services.’

This evolution aligns seamlessly with RACT’s overarching strategic goal of delivering valued services and products through the channels preferred by its discerning customers.

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