Digital transformation is essential for growth and survival, especially during these times. That’s why we at Barhead are happy to announce that our complimentary ECIF: FY2021 Business Application offer is now available.

Using a range of Microsoft products, this offer will benefit those who are either new to the Microsoft Technology Stack, or are simply looking to extend its capabilities. Through this, you can activate digital selling, unlock 360-degree views of customer profiles, eliminate inefficiencies and more.

Catalyst Accelerator

Identify key areas in your organisation while developing strategic solutions and digital transformation in a post-COVID 19 world.

  • Envisioning Workshop

A one-day briefing with a review of business objectives, mutual discovery and visualisation of solutions and a clear actionable picture to achieve business goals.

    • Review of business objectives
    • Strategy Development Activities
    • Transformation Plan
    • Visualisation of solutions and business values
  • Business Value Assessment

Financially quantify business value assessments such as ROI, cost savings, revenue growth and employee efficiency.

    • Technical Assessment
  • Solution Assessment

Demo a newly designed solution to empower colleagues and persuade key decision makers.

    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Solution demo development
    • Solution demo socialisation


Proof of Value

Adopt and respond to rapidly changing customer needs. Attend a hands-on workshop and receive a proof-of-concept to apply process automation, build customised apps and integrate to your existing CRM platform.

  • Power Platform (In a Day) Workshops

Attend our customer-specific hands-on workshops about Power Platform.

    • App in a Day
    • Dashboard in a Day
    • Flow in a Day
    • Power Virtual Agents in a Day
  • Proof of Concept (POC)

Provide a POC service to demonstrate one or more aspects of the Power Platform’s suitability to meet a customer’s use case.


  • Pilot Implementation

Start leveraging your existing business processes using Power Platform and Dynamics 365.


Annual Contract Value (ACV) in billed revenue of USD 50,000 for Dynamics, USD 30,000 for Power Platform.

Proof of Value for AI based products e.g. Customer Insights can receive USD 2,000 for deals starting at USD 20,000 *ACVAnnual Contract Value for licenses should be the average annual amount for multi-year agreements.

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