​Following the success of our 8 part series, join our Microsoft for Lawyers Community and continue your learning journey!

Microsoft Technology is the most ubiquitous tech used by overwhelming majority of businesses. In particular, lawyers live and breathe in using Outlook as the means of communicating, and Word as a means of documenting correspondence and contracts.

With apps like Teams, Power Automate and Power BI now forming part of standard Microsoft licences that lawyers already have access to, legal teams can leverage the full potential of this functionality for legal automation, and streamlined end-to-end business processes.

Barhead have bridged the gap between the technical knowledge of Microsoft capability and the legal subject matter expertise of legal requirements and processes. Our Microsoft for Lawyers series ran legal specific use-cases and aimed to deep-dive into Microsoft’s suite of apps, demystify Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration tools and explain how lawyers can make the best use of Office365 Applications.

Off the back of the success of this series, we are now creating a Microsoft for Lawyers Community Group. Our community will meet virtually and face-to-face, create a space for you to ask questions, give you the opportunity to tinker in the tech, run labs for experimentation and give you free access to test Consensus – our matter management and contract lifecycle management application built on the Power Platform.

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