Welcome back!  

This year, Barhead Solutions will be holding networking events where valued customers, partners from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform consultants and the leadership team can network and discuss solutions to common problems in the industry — most notably artificial intelligence, chatGPT and how Microsoft partners such as Barhead can use them to deliver more efficient and tech-focused projects.

Better yet, just drop by for a drink! 

Thursday is our office day, and we have lots of spaces and meeting rooms available! Feel free to work in our office during the day, schedule meetings and catch-ups with the team. Then by 4:00 pm, we will head to our event space for food and beverages.  

2023 will be a big year for tech, and we can’t wait to see you again and networking. 2023’s gonna be a great year — we just know it! See you there!  

Note: If you won’t be able to attend or have any concerns, you can reach Marketing Director Alvin Paronda at marketing@barhead.com.  


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