Internet of Things (IoT)

Bridge the gap between hardware, applications and networks

Leveraging IoT

IoT is an emerging technology that relates to various business solutions. Many providers have a variety of pointed solutions.

Our approach is to work with partners like Reekoh to bridge the gap between hardware, applications, and networks. Leveraging Reekoh helps us connects pointed systems together seamlessly and build valuable data stores. This provides our clients with the ability to create automated workflows and notifications.

In addition, high volume data capture can be analysed in real-time to drive workflows, produce management reporting, and app-to-app communications.

About Reekoh

Reekoh is an award-winning agile integration platform for the modern enterprise – built specifically to bring the Internet of Things, data, and API’s together with your existing enterprise business systems and processes. Our platform empowers enterprises with tools for reducing complexity, removing barriers, and accelerating time-to-value in their IoT and data-driven solutions.

Reekoh is the Platform for the Business of Things™

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