Microsoft Power Platform for Councils

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM  |  Virtual Event.

Australian Councils are under intense pressure to transform their operations to meet the increased expectations of their residents.

There is a real increase in the maturity and expertise of councils in focusing on the customer. This has included developing the skills and resources to understand what customers want, how they want to engage with council, and what changes need to be made to facilitate this. Some Councils are moving to Digitised Forms but some residents are still submitting paper forms, due to familiarity or lack of technology.

Barhead has worked with Liverpool Council to develop a simple application using the latest Microsoft Technology, Power Platform that allows users to lodge digital application records of hardcopy paper submissions.

The Agenda for the session will be:

  • The challenge that Liverpool City Council faced and how they overcame it.
  • What is the opportunity for further benefits to the Council through Digital transformation.
  • Where to from here – Ideas and other areas that Councils are addressing with the Power Platform to help them improve productivity and automate processes.

The benefits to Councils and their citizens that can be realised with this technology include:

  • A Citizen centric approach – Enables focus on the customer, allowing them to engage with council in a way that suits them
  • Increase speed of processing – using artificial intelligence, users simply scan and verify the automatic application creation.
  • Reduction in handling errors – the end-to-end process is now digital which enables better record management, status tracking and application review
  • Increase reporting accuracy – Leveraging data and analytics by design, every point along the process flow can be tracked and easily reported in dashboard views with tools like Power BI


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James Mather

About the Speaker

I help local government entities across Australia achieve more, through modernising applications in order to better serve their citizens and residents. I develop strategic pathways to adopt modern, intelligent business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform that adapt to your changing needs. I’m passionate about citizen engagement and mission success.

Shaun Beckley

About the Speaker

Experienced Town planner with 20 years in Council who specialises in Digital transformation of strategies, policies, processes and systems relating to the planning and delivery of infrastructure funded by s7.11 (s94) developer contributions, VPAs and Works in Kind agreements.

Mark Duckworth

About the Speaker

I specialise in Microsoft Business Applications and work with Local Councils to help them in their journeys to improve their Citizen engagement and the productivity and digital experience of their staff.