Customer Insights in a Day

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM  | Virtual Event.

With the huge changes happening in retail and buying behaviours, it is more important than ever to be able to understand and reach your consumers. As organisations move towards more direct connection with their consumers via digital channels, there is a huge opportunity to really know your consumers, personalise your offerings, and open new lines of business in changing times.

Consider all the different places you are storing your customer data, and how much of it you are collecting in siloed systems, particularly as you work directly in new digital channels. You will have an ERP or purchasing system of some kind, perhaps a CRM, a marketing automation system, a customer service system, your website, social media, demographic data – not to mention all those spreadsheets!

Customer Insights is Microsoft’s customer data platform, which allows you to unify your customer data using a no-code pre-built solution that leverages artificial intelligence to map, match and merge customer data from disparate systems quickly.

Join us for this interactive session to see how unified customer data can benefit a consumer goods organisation. We will work through a live demonstration of an end-to-end scenario showing how you can unify your consumer data with Customer Insights, and then put it in the hands of your team and the systems they use every day. We will look at how it enables intelligent segmentation and personalised marketing, next best product recommendations, automated workflows, and reduction in customer churn. You will also see how your data can be enriched by third party data sources and the Microsoft Graph.

Empowering your sales, marketing and customer service teams with unified customer data, purchasing predictions and detailed segmentation can enable you to offer engaging and personalised consumer experiences that can set your organisation apart in a changing and competitive environment.




Lisa Crosbie

About the Speaker

Lisa Crosbie is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and our Technology Evangelist for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. She has helped over 400 people get started with Power Apps through the App in a Day program, and is a regular presenter at Microsoft and community events. She runs demos, hackathons, workshops, training sessions, and events at Barhead Solutions to help customers learn about the emerging technologies in the Microsoft Business Applications platform, and understand how they can be used to solve business problems.

Julie Louangsy (Microsoft)

About the Speaker

Julie is a Business Applications Specialist at Microsoft focused on Customer Engagement. She has been a thought leader in the Retail and Consumer Goods industry using Customer Insights as a catalyst to help her customers personalise their engagement and deliver business results that impact and changes the culture of her customer’s organisation. She focuses on how to obtain a true 360° view of your customers.