Customer Insights in a Day

About the Webinar

Customers have a high expectation of being able to use self-service first, across a range of channels and devices, with a seamless, consistent and personalised service experience. Do you have a bot to automate answering routine questions, or are those still taking up the time of your staff and customers? Bots can be hard to create and expensive to maintain, especially if you are working with disconnected systems behind the scenes. Power Virtual Agents offers a way to remove those barriers and make bots easy. 

Power Virtual Agents empowers your subject matter experts to be directly involved in building a bot, using a guided, no-code graphical interface. It is built on the Power Platform and Microsoft Bot Framework, providing limitless connectivity and extensibility, allowing you to connect your bot to your siloed business systems, and automating the action needed to answer and resolve customer questions. 

Watch the webinar recording to learn how you can use Power Virtual Agents to build a bot  that will engage your customers with natural, conversational AIpersonalise your service, and provide you with powerful built-in metrics and insights to allow you to continuously improve your bot and decide what topics to build next.