An ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges

Powerful Capability

You can extend the capability of Dynamics 365 through Azure’s services providing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as well as leveraging the many data services on offer.

Azure rich set of services enhances business applications and enriches all its stack such as Cognitive services that use intelligent algorithms to your apps, websites, and bots to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret your needs through a natural method of communication and many more.

Transform your ideas to business solutions

Limitless services that will help you transform your ideas to business solutions using a secured cloud design for you.

  • AI + Machine Learning – Use AI for your business. Machines to analyse images, interact in natural ways, comprehend speech and predict using data.

  • Analytics – Get actionable insights from your data that will solve your business problems.

  • Blockchain – Create, govern, and increase consortium blockchain networks.

  • Compute – Pay only the resources you use when you access cloud compute capacity, scale on demand and virtualisation.

  • Containers – Save costs by lifting and shifting your existing applications to containers, and build microservices applications to deliver value to your users faster.

  • Databases – Fully managed intelligent services of your database.

  • Developer Tools – Using a platform or language build, debug, deploy and manage your cloud applications.

  • DevOps – Deliver continuously with reliable tools that is faster and simpler.

  • Identity – Resources and management solutions accessed securely with Azure identity.

  • Integration – Apps, data and process for your enterprise that are connected.

  • Internet of Things – Connect your devices to the cloud using IoT without changing your infrastructure.

  • Management and Governance – Hybrid resources managed and secured with tools built in Azure.

  • Media – Use high-definition video encoding and streaming services to reach your audiences on today’s most popular devices.

  • Microsoft Azure Stack – Build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries with Azure’s extension.

  • Migration – Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence.

  • Mixed Reality – Mixed reality for every developer and every business.

  • Mobile – Cloud-powered mobile pass built with high quality to reach you and your customers on every device.

  • Networking – Provide the best user experience by connecting on-premises infrastructure and services and your cloud.

  • Security – Strengthen the security of your cloud workloads with built-in services.

  • Storage – Secure cloud storage for your data, apps and workload that you can scale rapidly.

  • Web – Create intelligent web application that is powerful.

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