By Alexandra Tucker
April 3rd, 2018

Learn how to hide search feature in DYN365

Curious on how to hide search in #dynamicsportals? Learn with Elaiza Benitez in a few clicks #benitezherevlog #msdyn365 #sharingwiththecommunity #learningisfun

“In this vlog I show you how to prevent users in seeing the Search feature of Dynamics 365. Other entities and custom entities can’t be enabled yet for Search and I often get asked by customers to hide/remove the search feature so that users don’t see it. This is achieved by updating a Site Setting record. No code is required.” by Elaiza Benitez 


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By Barhead Solutions
July 24th, 2016

In order to make the bureau more transparent and accessible to the general public, the Philippines’ Bureau of Customs recently launched a new customer care initiative called the Bureau of Customs Customer Assistance and Response Services (BOC-CARES) last June 2016.  The new service uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to serve as the bureau’s one-stop customer service and assistance center providing easily accessible and timely support.

With Dynamics 365, Customer Service Representatives of BOC can now better manage and deal with inquiries from brokers, importers and exporters about National Single Window (NSW) concerns, Balikbayan Box tracking and general updates on contact details and shipping information.  Base cases were built into the system along with the required spiels to help guide agents in handling callers properly and to expedite the resolution of cases.  Social Engagement is also enabled to expand presence of BOC-CARES in social media. Other tools such as calculators were also made available to assist agents deal with callers better.

Should the front-line agents need more expert help in resolving cases, the agents can immediately escalate the case to a supervisor or if needed, a subject matter expert.  The system automatically queues the case to the first available supervisor or subject matter expert.  The progress of each case can be tracked in detail from start to resolution allowing the management to evaluate their processes and make improvements down the line if needed.

By providing agents and the management team with all the tools they need to evaluate, track, and address all customer calls and cases, Dynamics 365 has enabled BOC-CARES to deliver a fast and satisfying customer assistance service, evidenced by resolution rate of 99% of all of its cases in its trial run.

It took only less than 2 weeks to implement the technology, thanks to Barhead’s Dynamics 365 Xpress service offering. By signing up to the service, any organization can adopt fast to Dynamics 365 through out-of-the box configuration, training, and administration handover to be provided by Barhead experts.

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