By Alexandra Tucker
November 21st, 2017

Last week was the inaugural APAC Microsoft conference combining clients, partners and the technical teams and there was plenty of coffee.

Barhead sponsored a Cafe bar and we enjoyed chatting over a latte or 2000 to other like minded industry peers and professionals.

The Business Summit highlight was Professor Brian Cox’s keynote making all those present remember just how big this massive universe is and just how much data makes up our world. The business day was an opportunity to meet some prospects for the Barhead crew. Heaps of content and chats including mention of our client Mission Australia.

The Partner Summit included many different breakout sessions covering such a range of topics. Our own John Orrock joined a panel mid morning discussing changes in our industry and transforming your product. The topic covered the importance of creating clarity, choosing the right partners to help you scale and choosing purpose over money.

At the end of the day was dinner and drinks thanks to Microsoft Australia, which rolled on after Dr Amantha Imber (Innovation psychologist) who had everyone in the Plenary session using thier muscles as the 3rd memory maker to reinforce her research around not making big decisions after lunch. EVER!!!

The Tech Summit bought the thousands to the ICC at Darling Harbour. We met lots of different people with a range of skills from a variety of industries. We look forward to potentially working with some of you.

Highlight of the event, besides the yummy coffee and chai lattes was playing on a halolens, having a linked in profile taken, full body scan which took all of 2 mins and meeting heaps of people.

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