By Barhead Solutions
July 1st, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been announced and it promises to change the way you approach your business processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an evolution of Microsoft’s CRM and ERP cloud solutions. These powerful tools will now be rolled into one cloud service with new purpose-built apps to help you manage your core business functions.

Dynamics 365 apps is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to independently deploy apps depending on your business’ size and needs. Each app are built to work together and include built-in insights, predictive intelligence and workflow optimization

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence will be natively embedded to help you achieve your business goals with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.

Flexibility and Scalability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is completely flexible; you can start as small as you want. It is infinitely scalable, and comes with a modern and yet familiar workflow that allows you to be ready for growth. You can change and adapt your processes in Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow without requiring IT support. It’s all completely extensible and built to grow with your business.

Productivity where and when you need it

By connecting structured workflow of business applications (Dynamics 365) and processes with the unstructured work of collaboration and productivity (Office 365), your employees gain access to productivity tools wherever and whenever. Everything is accessible via mobile if needed to be so that you and your team can remain connected wherever you are in the world.

Actionable intelligence to keep you on top of your business

Business applications within Microsoft Dynamics 365 infuse big data, advanced analytics and IoT into processes which proactively guide your team and customers to optimal outcomes. With Dynamics 365, data and insights are transformed into intelligent action right where it’s needed, and without requiring an army of rocket scientists to make it happen.

For example, Cortana Intelligence can give recommendations to help your sales team predict which products and services your customers may need. Access to IoT data inside Dynamics 365 for Field Service will enable preemptive action from field service agents by connecting asset monitoring and anomaly detection so they can take action before failures occur, avoiding costly customer service issues.

Dynamics 365 and Office 365 will be deeply integrated, allowing the structured workflow of business apps to be connected with the unstructured work of collaboration and productivity. This allows your sales team to immediately send a quote via Office after receiving a customer’s email. That quote could come based with information from both Finance and Sales apps automatically containing the right pricing, discounts and other offers. All of these without your employee never needing to leave Outlook. This improves efficiency massively.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is slated for release on fall this year. Stay tuned for more information.