By Barhead Careers
November 4th, 2016


As my first week at Barhead comes to an end, I reflect on the week that was. My friends told me that I was crazy to start a new job without taking a break from my last job, however to be fair it’s been a very smooth, exciting and easy transition across from Marketo to Barhead. I’m fortunate enough to work with some of the best in the industry who are willing to share their knowledge with me.

The office is alive and buzzing with talk of the new Microsoft Platform and the endless possibilities of how it can be used to transform the way we currently do business. The whiteboards are covered with the teams ideas, It’s a combination of sales , technical and delivery, brainstorming on where we can take the Dynamics 365, (its the first time I have witnessed different departments collaborating together sharing experiences and actually working as a unified team!)

Working at Marketo gave me insights into how to enhance and improve the customers buying experience. With Microsoft I see it going one layer deeper, that is, enhancing the employees experience that will ultimately flow on to the customers experience. We sometimes underestimate the importance of a happy productive employee. Think about it – if you go to work unhappy with the current processes within your role, it will carry onto your work which effectively aligns back to the end customer. This is where the customer experience really starts from!

With creativity in the air I know I have chosen the right company to work for. I’ve sat in on all different types of meetings from sales pipeline, to delivery to Marketing and gee did I choose a great time to start!

Barhead just announced their partnership with Pilgrim sailing so that every fortnight a few fortunate clients will have the opportunity to join this passionate team sailing around our beautiful harbour watching the sun set down on this magical city we call home. On the 16th Nov we are conducting an innovation night. Gone are the boring presentation nights, be prepared to be wowed with how we will be delivering new technology and transforming and disrupting digital technology in a whole new way. You could be mistaken at this point thinking that I’ve joined the marketing events team, but alas I’m very committed to my role as the NSW Sales Director and if I enjoy a few fun events in-between well… that’s it’s all part of the job right?!

Houweida El Ashkar

NSW Sales Director