By Alexandra Tucker
October 26th, 2017

At Barhead we work differently. Our approach at Barhead is “all customers are different and customers come first”. Every project is both the same, but also different. We believe it’s important to set every engagement up for success right at the beginning for the benefit of our clients and for the long term relationships that we strive to establish with them. To do this, we remain very flexible and tailor our delivery approach depending on our clients’ needs and wants.

A recent example was the launch of an exciting new Data Analytics Program / Partnership by David Walter (Barhead’s Data Analytics Practice Manager) with one of our major clients Charter Hall. The majority of the delivery consultants are based in the Barhead Philippines offices and given the nature of the first project, and the desire to start as quickly as possible, we altered our approach by starting the project face to face with the full team in Manila.

What was the benefits?

The benefits in this case were many. By meeting face to face with the delivery team we are able to:
• Embed the project team with a deep understanding of the clients’ business and objectives
• Quickly reach a common understanding of scope and lock down quick decisions required for project kickoff
• Explore all the options around technology and architecture and lock down on direction
• Drill down deep into the data and fast track the teams understanding of the data we were working with

We managed in one week to turn a team of strangers into one team with clear shared objectives, breaking down some of the normal barriers that often exist between teams of people who operate from different locations and often never get the chance to meet personally.

As the week was closing out, there were two things that stood out to me that pointed to the success of starting this initiative this way. By end of day 4, we had completed all of, and more, than was planned in an already very heavy 5 day agenda. A credit to the skills and professionalism of the team to get so far ahead.

But most of all, at 8.30pm on the Thursday night, one of our guests commented on being just a little bit envious of the culture that they were observing in the Barhead Philippines offices. Teams of people, some still working quietly away, some teams still collaborating on challenges but over a casual drink and some dinner, and some simply relaxing back and enjoying each others company. No-one was in any rush to leave.

At Barhead, we love the fact that we work and play together. It’s a great environment to be in and we extend it to our customers. We work hard together, achieving success together, but also we enjoy each others company socially and it’s hard to put a value on that.

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