By Barhead Careers
March 2nd, 2017

Barhead is proud to announce that Microsoft has recognized Barhead for the Gold Data Analytics Competency that now proudly sits alongside our Gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Competency, joining only a handful of partners in Australia with this combined capability to deliver the very best outcomes for our customers.

Barhead is at the leading edge of applying Machine Learning in the most advanced transformation of the CRM environment in decades. We are deploying advanced tools and methods that are not only giving our clients the edge in understanding their customers better than ever before, but are also transforming the way customer service and sales reps effectiveness are measured. To cut to the chase, what Barhead is doing through the application of Analytics offers entirely new insights to our clients. This provides clients game changer capabilities of transforming their business models whether it is in sales, customer service or even simply in reducing the cost of doing business.

A significant part of Barhead’s success has been its focus on the application of Cognitive Services which are essentially a set of complex analytical models for measuring and tracking trends in the sentiment in language used in all communication between service reps and customers. Other examples include the application of multi staged, self-learning Machine Learning algorithms that predict Lead and Opportunity conversion, based on data predictors that most of our customers have not even considered or had the tools to leverage before now.

Whilst the above examples are focused on CRM transformation, the reality is that this is just a taste of what we are doing, and it is the reason why we have obtained the highest levels of recognition from Microsoft in such a short space in time.

If you are interested in how we could apply Analytics to your broader business, CRM related or in any other aspect of your business for that matter, reach out to us and lets discuss the possibilities. You have nothing to lose and the possibility of a great deal to gain.



 David Walter

Strategic Analytics Manager

p:  +61 402 767 277